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First laugh podcast

Feb 10, 2019

On our 10th episode Josh, Larry, and Al sit down to discuss Louis CK's recent leaked audio and the unrealistic expectations of comedy newbs. 

Jan 17, 2019

On this episode the whole gang sits down to reveal some treasures found on Fiverr, they discuss OJ Simpson's long lost book: If I did it, and Larry reads erotic fan fiction starring Kyle and Al. 


Dec 31, 2018

The whole gang is back to talk about open mics, Daredevil, Orson Welles and much more on this episode of the podcast!



episode highlights:

Buzz Sutherland (2:43).

Daredevil talk (14:23).

The Munsters Quandary (21:30).

D*CK PICS (23:17).

Hard Gay (26:34).

The culture of comedy open mics (28:10).

Orson Welles...

Dec 5, 2018

On this mega-episode Josh sits down with professional balloon artists Trey Eilers and Scotty Harris. They talk comedy and starting Hot Air Creations.

Check out their work here:


to checkout other Balloon artists we mention click here:

Takahiro Kai


Nov 22, 2018

The guys sit down again with Kyle Fields and Larry Smith to discuss their first stage experiences, Willy Nelson, and the Fiverr Challenge.

Plus grown men talking about Looney Tunes.




Special thanks to Bro-Soap for sponsoring the episode!