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the First Laugh Podcast

May 11, 2021

On this episode Larry Smith details his short-lived career as a bounty hunter. Turns out, Larry was very punchy in his past life.

watch this episode on YouTube here.



May 3, 2021

St Louis comedian and roller derby badass Cori Stewart joins the podcast to discuss hobbies, bar fights, Carrot-Top's juicy hanger and all sorts of other nonsense.

Watch this episode on YouTube here.

watch "Chairman of the board" starring Carrot-Top here.



Apr 26, 2021

Punchy Joe Lancey sits down with us to discuss his time as a boxer.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.



Apr 19, 2021

On this very special solo podcast I discuss my mom's car troubles, my Robbie's kitchen sketch, the misadventures of finding a logo on Fiverr, plans for future pod episodes, the porn theater, and all sorts of other nonsense!

I also accidentally"yada yada" defending my mom on Reddit. I'll elaborate on this in a future...

Apr 12, 2021

Big Gay Trev returns! Fresh off his COVID 19 vaccination, Trevor returns to discuss DMX, the different classifications of gays, and Kyle's plans for!

Also on this episode, USO Kyle Fields discusses his recent interaction with a fellow comic which begs the question can jokes go too far? Should I not joke...